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A brand strategy, goal-setting and how-to WERKbook for creatives, 9-5ers with side hustles, aspiring entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small-business owners and start-ups.  


Topics include:

  • Defining your WHY, the hell am I doing this
  • Quick guide to starting a business
  • Branding & Building
  • Marketing to your target market and ideal client
  • Business Etiquette
  • Selling what you know WERKS
  • Networking & nurturing relationships
  • Do your damn homeWERK
  • Stop, stopping yourself

Brand.Business.Booking WERKbook

  • Once your order is complete a link will be included in the thank you page to download your eBook as well emailed to you with a link in the body of the confirmation/receipt email. 


    The link expires in 30 days, so be sure to download and save to your computer once you receive it, for future printing. 

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