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An affirmation writing journal and coloring book, where the pages speak to your heart, relax your mind, fulfill your soul, and bring comfort and ease to your thoughtful days and nights as you write, reflect, and color.

As you fill the pages of this journal with your self-reflections, fondest memories, and everyday thoughts, please enjoy:

  • Inspirational Coloring Pages
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Quotes and Inspirational Statements by the Author
  • Suggested Writing Prompts (Blank journal pages are located in the back of the book to complete these prompts or to jot down personal thoughts.)

With the anticipation that these elements will get you through the days that you simply stare at the pages, didn’t want to open the journal, or when you're unsure what to write… allow this book to become a tool to clear your mind and help make HEALTHY breakthroughs!

Signed Affirmation Writing Journal & Coloring Book

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