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Bloom Where You Are Planted LLC. proudly presents 'Full Circle Moments: When God Shows You Before He "Shows" You.' This anthology of 11 diverse authors shares their unfiltered testimonies, delving deep into the 'Full Circle Moment'—when divine signs were ignored, messages disregarded, and life's burdens became unbearable until surrender was the only path left.


Have you ever brushed aside God's attempts to show or tell you something? Have you ventured on your own journey, leaned on your own understanding, and faced the weight of life's trials, only to discover the power of surrender?


These stories encompass the highs of love, parenthood, career success, homeownership and the lows of domestic violence, miscarriages, divorce, abandonment, homelessness, and anxiety. Within these chapters, you'll witness the profound transformations that arise from transparent, life-altering FULL CIRCLE MOMENTS.

Signed Copy of Full Circle Moments: When God Shows You Before He "Shows" You

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